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Miraywa is a quechua word related with fertility and abundance. In Miraywa we combine the most advanced technologies with respect for our Mother Earth.


Use science and technology for your advantage! Level up your skills with Agro 3.0, our exclusive membership-based service where our experts share their know-how with you in one-to-one live training sessions.


Create a solid foundation for your agrobusiness with our personalised market studies, forecasting, budgeting and planning. 

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In Miraywa we offer online training and consulting programs that are tailored to the needs of each client. To make sure each offer is personalized, we choose online live sessions over traditional course platforms with pre-recorded content. If you like face-to-face interaction in real time with your teacher or mentor, Miraywa Trainings are the right choice!

Drone Images

One-to-one or group course on drone images. Online live training modality allow us to tailor the training content to the needs of each client.


Learn how to combine your drone images with geolocated sprayings using your Agras RTK.

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Improve your agrobusiness with advanced market study and let your company flourish with financial analysis, forecasting, budgeting and planning.

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